Are you spending vacation time worrying about the details instead of being present in the moment? Have you missed out on authentic local experiences because you were unsure where to look for secret, yet safe spots to visit? Are you worried about disappointing the ones you love with a mediocre vacation? You won’t feel like a tourist. We’ll help you feel a real connection to the people and places through our extensive global network. We can’t plan for you to meet that local person who takes you to their home for dinner, but we can put you in places where that’s more likely to happen. We’ll find you and your loved ones new things to do and new places to visit to stimulate all five of your senses. We are renowned for delivering custom experiential luxury travel planning for discerning clients. Through finding the right people and the right experiences, we’re honored that we’re trusted to help couples and families relax and reconnect through unforgettable vacations, year after year. You want immersive, authentic experiences but might end up at the tourist treadmill. You don’t want to book the wrong hotel and end up with poor service and accommodation. You want to focus less on the details and more on the people traveling with you. You don’t want a cookie-cutter vacation but you don’t know where to find safe, yet exceptional spots to visit.
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