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Rapid Rehousing for Families

Homelessness has a devastating impact on children. Homeless children move a lot; some will change schools two, three, even four times in a year. Any teacher will tell you it’s impossible for kids to learn with this kind of disruption. Yet quality education is key to getting out of poverty.

?We can change the odds for these kids 

Through Rapid Rehousing, we help families quickly exit homelessness and return to permanent housing, increase their income and stay housed for good. We combine stable housing with job training and placement, individualized financial coaching, childcare, health and mental health care referrals, and the support of trauma-informed trained social workers to support these families as they become emotionally and financially self-sufficient.

Keeping little feet off the streets

  • Safely sheltered 117 families last year

  • 92% remain housed, paying rent without assistance, after graduating the program

For every family we move out of homelessness, our community saves more than $20,000 per familyper year in reduced costs for health care, child protection intervention, special education, crime remediation and more.

Please help us with your donation today or on North Texas Giving Day!

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