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Take a look at Day at the Arboretum, Dallas by Rosemary Riddle-Achelpohl

North Richland Hills BubbleLife iReporter 1/19 10:00P Giddens Gallery of Fine Art in G
Day at the Arboretum, Dallas Gallery Wrap 30 x 24? Oil "Touring the gardens in full bloom is inspirational." See additional info on painting...
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Give Yourself Compassion in the New Year

North Richland Hills BubbleLife iReporter 1/15 1:02A Diane Feffer
Some workdays we encounter difficulties.  Why is it that during those difficult times, it's hard for us to give ourselves the kindness that we would so easily give a friend.   Practicing...

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Biden unveils a national pandemic response that Trump resisted

Dallas Business Journal (Health Care) 1/21 1:11A Sheryl Gay Stolberg
President Joe Biden will use his first full day in office on Thursday to go on the offensive against the coronavirus, with a 21-page national strategy that includes aggressive...

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Happily Ever After

The Making of a Home 1/20 11:48A Holly K. Ross
This guy- I don t know what I would do without him. Four babies have come and gone. They are building careers and families of their own. We are back to the two of us. We loved the years of raising our...

Are Some Animal Welfare Labels ‘Humanewashing’?

Civil Eats 1/18 9:00P Lisa Held
If you’ve bought meat or eggs in a grocery store recently, you’ve probably seen a wide range of labels promising improved treatment of farm animals. Many of these labels look similar and use the same...

What Equals An Extraordinary Life?

The Making of a Home 1/14 11:41P Holly K. Ross
Dead Poets Society- I love this movie. I find it inspiring and heartbreaking in equal parts. John Keating (played by Robin Williams) is attempting to open the eyes of his students to the idea that...

See You Later- What A Wonderful Thought

The Making of a Home 1/14 3:20A Holly K. Ross
This past weekend, we traveled back to Canton, TX and celebrated Jonathan as he embarks on his new life. He has chosen to serve and departs for boot camp in less than a week. It was time to say, See...

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Valentine Ice Cream Sandwich

The Wiegands 1/22 5:38A Casey Wiegand
Valentine Ice Cream Sandwich Who doesn’t appreciate a special treat during the month of love!? These valentine ice cream sandwiches are super simple to make, and if you ask me, truly adorable! What...

How to Homeschool Preschool

Kids Activities Blog 1/22 4:00A Rachel
Many parents are choosing the option of homeschooling preschool full-time or as enrichment and learning activities at home. Surprisingly, many of the skills preschoolers learn...

Paper Punch-Out Lanterns

Kids Activities Blog 1/22 2:00A Jodi Durr
Paper Punch-Out Lanterns are a new twist to the standard paper lantern. There are other ways to spice up paper lanterns, like this fun painted version. This paper punch-out...

Tips for Exercising with Young Children During the Pandemic

Trendy Mom Reviews 1/21 2:32P (Unknown)
Tips for Exercising with Young Children During the Pandemic The pandemic changed our daily routines. One of the most difficult for us is that our youngest son's preschool has been closed. He misses...

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