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Caregivers at Medical City North Hills now have a tranquil space of their own to unwind and reduce stress with the opening of a “Serenity Room.”

Unlike a break room where many colleagues may gather to eat, the Serenity Room solely dedicated to relaxation. It is furnished with massage chairs, peaceful blue lighting, décor and soft music playing on a tv screen with peaceful scenes. It’s available all day, every day of the week so that colleagues can use the room whenever they may need a moment of calm.  

“Our colleagues work tirelessly to care expertly and compassionately for patients every day,” says Kevin Inderhees, CNO of Medical City North Hills. “Caring for the caregiver in this way is another example of how we care like family and invest in our most important asset – our people.”

“The Serenity Room makes me feel like my hospital cares about me on a personal level,” says Kayla Briley, RN, who works in the emergency department. “I love knowing that I have a relaxing place to step away and take care of myself.”

“We take care of people for a living but we often forget about ourselves, so I feel like this will help remind us to take care of ourselves,” adds Caitlin Muncy, RN. “This makes me feel excited to be a nurse here. They definitely care about us.”

As part of Medical City Healthcare, Medical City North Hills offers a variety of mental wellness tools to support colleagues, including a doctor-on-demand behavioral telehealth service, a special mobile app to help with anxiety and Nurse Care – a program to help hospital-based nurses with work/life balance, managing stress and anxiety, promoting self-care and handling common nursing issues. All of these resources, along with others, are free and confidential.

Media:  Access video and interview with caregiver here

About Medical City North Hills

Medical City North Hills is a 164-bed, acute care hospital located in North Richland Hills, Texas. With a medical team of more than 500 physicians, Medical City North Hills offers a broad range of services including a Level III Trauma Center, a full-range of cardiovascular services, comprehensive orthopedic and spine programs, neurology, graduate medical education and an internal medicine residency clinic. Medical City North Hills is part of Medical City Healthcare.

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