Part 1: Veronica

This series, brought to you by the Center for Transforming Lives, will share highly profound transformative stories of local women and children who have truly embodied the transition from poverty to possibility.


Part 1- Veronica

Alone with a baby, Veronica wasn’t sure where to turn. She desperately needed a job to provide for her daughter, but didn’t have anyone to watch sweet Vivian while she worked.

Then she learned about the Center for Transforming Lives and scheduled a tour of the Arlington Child Development Center. She immediately felt comfortable with the warm and welcoming staff, and she noticed the rooms were filled with natural light, learning centers, art projects, and books. The curriculum was award-winning and the teachers were all highly trained. 

Best of all, a sliding payment scale was available for those who need it. Veronica wouldn’t have to spend nearly her entire paycheck on child care – she would have money left over for groceries and rent. Once Vivian was enrolled, it wasn’t long until Veronica knew she had made the right decision. Vivian quickly became attached to her teachers. So did Veronica! The teachers not only took wonderful care of her daughter, but also provided support to Veronica as a first-time mom. They taught Veronica how to help wean Vivian off her pacifier and they helped with potty-training. The teachers scheduled regular meetings with Veronica to discuss Vivian’s development, keep her informed of her progress, and talk about techniques to use at home to enhance her learning.  Veronica was impressed with Vivian’s development and couldn’t believe how fast her child’s vocabulary was growing.

In a recent visit, Vivian – now 5 years old – commented that markers are her favorite art tool and she loves to draw. “I’m an artist,” she said proudly.  She also shared, “I have lots of favorite friends here” and in Miss Sasha’s classroom “I felt like I was home.” 

Stories like Vivian’s play out at the Center for Transforming Lives child development centers every day.Some of the children face tougher issues than being in a low-income family.

Some of the children are homeless. 

A small bus or van picks them up at a local homeless shelter each morning and takes them back at the end of the school day.Many struggle with physical and emotional developmental delays due to trauma they have experienced. All receive the love, care, and individualized support they need to learn and grow, enabling them to be ready for kindergarten when the time comes. 

This kind of transformative care is only possible with the help of generous supporters like you. Will you give today to help a young child learn tomorrow and be successful in the future?  Your generosity can change a child’s life and transform their future.Thank you for joining us in transforming lives! 


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Disclaimer: This post and series is brought to you by the Center for Transforming Lives as part of the Hidden Homeless initiative to raise awareness of local issues surrounding our community and its members. 

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